Parker Hannifin Adds New Control Components to Lineup Including New Hoses and Valves

December 01, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

Learn about the latest control components and automation technology that could potentially help engineers streamline their manufacturing processes.

Parker Hannifin, better known as “Parker,” the company has added three new components to its product library. They offer components for hydraulics and pneumatic fittings to motors and drives, even stand-alone single-purpose machines. Parker manufactures components for the aerospace, medical, mechanical, and automotive industries.


Convoluted PTFE Hose

As technology progresses, so does the manufacturing process and the machines involved in the manufacturing process. With the advancements of materials, this kind of technology can now handle high-pressure and high-temperature products that are necessary for high-tech components.


The Convoluted PTFE Hose. Image used courtesy of Parker Hannifin


The 2030T-V70CON is Parker’s newest extreme condition PTFE hose. This hose has been designed to withstand demanding applications. The convoluted hose is protected by a 304 grade of stainless steel braiding, reinforcing the convoluted polytetrafluoroethylene inner tube.

The entire construction is rated for a temperature range of -70 °C to 230 °C with a burst pressure of 3.0 - 15.0 MPa, or 30 - 150 bar depending on the configuration of the hose. All configurations are rated for gas or fluid and are available in a variety of sizes.

In addition to the new PTFE hose, Parker also released a new oil and gas valve.


EP Series Pro-Bloc Valves

Parker has added to their oil and gas valve product line. The EP series modular valve is designed to replace multiple valve assemblies that would typically be used in process control applications.

The Pro-Bloc valve consists of two separate isolating ball valves along with a single vent valve. Typically the same configuration would require three valves, manifolds, and pipework. By using the Pro-Bloc line, designers can save money and installation time.

Typically, this valve configuration would be used upstream or downstream within oil and gas applications and would interface with pressure measuring systems.



The EP series modular valve. Image used courtesy of Parker Hannifin


The bleed hole is designed to prevent clogging by using a 5mm hole, and there is an integrated blowout-proof stem to prevent premature failure. Users can easily remove the valve due to the packing adjustment nut being located under the valve lever.

The mounting face is a flange type and comes in many different sizes. The temperature range is from -29 °C to 232 °C and has an operating range of up to 431 bar.


Aqua² DUO

The Aqua DUO is a compact water purification machine designed to be installed inside industrial ships. 


Aqua2 Duo Mega Yacht Series Watermakers. Image used courtesy of Parker Hannifin


The Aqua DUO can produce 2,800 to 6,800 gallons per day of fresh drinking water. Using seawater as a source, the Aqua DUO makes use of special high-pressure stainless-steel pumps and a reverse osmosis system to produce safe drinking or cooking water.

The design of the Aqua DUO is unique because of its extremely quiet operation and compact size. Using an open frame design means less installation time and can fit into tight spaces. This product could also be useful for offshore oil and gas facilities that do not always have access to clean water.

Parker is hopeful that some of these new products will help engineers with their specific manufacturing operations. Have you used any of these new components?