Redefining Operational Efficiency with Battery-free Energy Delivery

February 22, 2023 by Stephanie Leonida

CaPow has secured initial capital to advance the commercialization of its battery-free power delivery system for mobile robotics. The no-battery solution aims to reduce operational expenses and increase sustainability.

A pioneer of perpetual power for automated robotic fleets, CaPow informed its customers that it has raised initial capital of $7.5 million to advance the development and commercialization of its wireless and battery-free energy delivery system for mobile robotics. The solution enables continuous power delivery to robotic machinery, eliminating downtime and boosting productivity. A venture capital fund, IL Ventures, led the seed round, followed by a number of co-investors.

CaPow's battery-free power delivery system for mobile robotics

CaPow’s battery-free power delivery system for mobile robots uses antenna floor stickers around warehouses and industrial facilities. Image used courtesy of CaPow


No Batteries? No Need, More Speed

With batteries comes the need to maintain a power supply to robotic fleets so operations can go unhindered. Consequently, robots (in warehousing environments, logistics centers, and industrial facilities) can incur unwanted downtime while charging and force companies to invest in additional robots to make up the time for those not on duty.

lithium batteries end up in landfills if not properly recylced

If not recycled properly, lithium-based batteries from consumer devices or electric vehicles can end up in landfill sites. Image used courtesy of EPA


Batteries can add weight to robots (which can reduce speed), add to safety hazards (with batteries malfunctioning, causing fleet disruption), and have unfavorable environmental impacts. Batteries are often unethically disposed of at landfill sites, leaching toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. 

With CaPow’s proprietary solution, industrial facilities and logistics centers need not worry about the processing and paperwork involved in battery procurement, shipping, handling, storage, and recycling. Additionally, a no-battery solution means cutting out battery material sourcing and production, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

CaPow’s battery-free technology allows AMR solutions providers and warehouse operators to save on operational expenses, battery maintenance, and support costs.


How Does it Work?

CaPow’s industry-agnostic power delivery system uses stickers placed on pathways to guide autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) around warehouse environments. Stickers are also placed on the bots, and the power bank activates as they move between the floor stickers. CaPow says that the stickers do not interfere with other robotic components, and the technology supports bots with a battery already in use. CaPow’s Floor Planner tool enables users to map out exactly where they need stickers to go to help speed up fleet deployment.

battery-free technology allow robots to operate 24/7 without needing to recharge

CaPow’s battery-free technology means that robotic fleets can operate 24/7 without the need to recharge. Image used courtesy of CaPow


CaPow's solution uses lock-in technology which delivers power over a capacitive field. The technology ensures that the energy transfer remains optimal despite changes to power flow incurred by distance, alignment, and medium materials. With the ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures, CaPow’s battery-free solution has the potential to open up new sales opportunities with particular regard to the use of robots in harsh environments. 

The power delivery system is scalable with a plug-and-play system to help enable rapid AMR fleet deployment. Warehouses, logistics centers, and industrial facilities can benefit from 24/7 operation, which will likely positively impact productivity and return on investment. Having continual operations of robotic fleets in such environments could also help eCommerce and retail industries keep up with consumer demands.


A Game-changing Solution

CaPow and IL Ventures share the same vision of creating a battery-free, wireless power supply solution for autonomous robotics with sustainability in mind. The duo believes that the technology has the potential to change the face of the robot power supply systems market. CaPow will use investment proceeds to expand its business operations to markets worldwide.