Rockwell Automation Completes Acquisition of Fiix Inc to Improve Asset Management Capabilities

January 28, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Rockwell Automation acquires Fiix Inc. and plans to improve industrial customers’ asset management capabilities as part of its software strategy.

Leading global provider of industrial automation products and solutions, Rockwell Automation, Inc., recently completed the acquisition of cloud software company Fiix Inc. The acquisition of Fiix expects to round off Rockwell’s software strategy. Fiix will be noted as being a part of Rockwell’s Software & Control operating segment.

Fiix Inc.

In November 2020, Rockwell announced its intent to acquire Fiix, and in December, the transaction between the two companies closed. 

Fiix is an AI-enabled computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) company. Fiix operates as a software company and is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) maintenance management platform that provides manufacturers with the ability to generate workflows for scheduling, organizing, and tracking equipment maintenance. The platform integrates mobile asset management, work order, and parts management, analysis using AI, and more. 

By utilizing a CMMS company like Fiix, other companies like Rockwell can improve business productivity with the ability to monitor and improve performance when required. Maintenance operations are a key area for any business wishing to ensure continued product output to satisfy customer demands.


Fiix’s software allows users to take data from their CMMS and deliver it to Forsight for advanced analytics and anomaly detection. Image courtesy of Fiix.


As industrial companies grow their assets and extend product and solution portfolios, the processes that change along with it must be robust. 

In a news release from Fiix, CEO of the company, James Novak, spoke of Fiix’s mission to modernize maintenance and operations teams. Novak continued that Rockwell Automation will further Fiix’s mission and increase asset performance by connecting the company to industry-leading data, automation, and production systems.


Rockwell’s Software Strategy

For Rockwell, acquiring Fiix will enable the company to expand the customer service aspect of its business. Rockwell’s software strategy will involve improving its LifecycleIQ Services business, which provides a full range of industrial automation services. These include consulting and professional services, field and connected services, as well as workforce services. 

Rockwell aims to enhance its LifecycleIQ Services to help customers get the most out of their Foresight systems, plants, production assets, and processes more efficiently and sustainably. By automating services, customers can save time, lower costs, and reduce energy use.


Rockwell intends to utilize Fiix’s maintenance management platform to enhance its LifecycleIQ Services business. Image courtesy of Rockwell.


Vice President, Product Management, Software & Control, for Rockwell Automation, Tessa Myers, provided her comments in the same news release: “We believe that the future of industrial asset management is performance-based.” 

Myers proceeded that adding the Fiix platform and expertise will provide customers with a 360-degree view of integrated data across automation, production, and maintenance. They aim to help customers monitor and improve their assets’ performance and optimize maintenance.


Featured image courtesy of Fiix.