Rockwell Automation Releases New Signaling Beacons For Plant Floor Improvement

August 11, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

With multiple lighting combinations available on the new 855R beacon system, several different signals can be produced to visually and audibly alert operators of machine conditions in a more accurate manner.

Rockwell Automation has recently released its new lineup of Bulletin 855R industrial beacons. The beacons are designed to help improve signaling on the plant floor for workers. Rockwell hopes that the new beacons will make plant floor warnings and status indications easier to read and understand. The signals consist of a family of beacons sized in the 110mm range, and encompass the ability to improve signaling capabilities for floor level equipment.

Visual Signal Indicator Features

The Bulletin 855R beacon is capable of providing visual and audible signals. The combination of audible and visual signals helps to reduce the amount of confusion in the event of critical machine failures. The signals are also capable of producing a number of different signal types with multiple light pattern options. With multiple signals available, plant workers can look at the signal light pattern to better understand the nature of the machine failure or condition. The lights come with many different light and mounting combinations to fit many different applications and machines.


Rockwell Automation Safety Beacon

Rockwell Automation’s new Bulletin 855R visual and audio beacons. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


The lights use maintenance free LED technology to enable operators to reduce maintenance costs associated with light failures over time. The lights are capable of signaling three different conditions, or providing single conditions for up to three machines. The more efficient use of lighting possibilities helps to reduce inventory costs normally associated with a higher number of traditional lights used in older lighting methods.

855R Beacon Functionality

Rockwell Automation hopes that the new features and functionality available with the 855R beacon family can help operators get more return on their equipment investment. The lights are able to create selectable light patterns in groups of seven using up to 15 unique DIP switch combinations. Up to three audible tones can be used from a selection table of 32 different tones. The audible mounting base is compatible with all the 855R beacon family light combinations.

The lights come in two different size options depending on application and space availability. The ‘high lens’ option is suited for traditional beacon applications that use a larger lens, and the ‘compact lens’ is a better fit for applications where the use of space is critical. With built in high-brightness, Rockwell has designed the light family to fit into almost any application–including those with high levels of ambient light in addition to outdoor installations.


List stack or light tower

Light towers, such as this machine monitor, employ combinations of lights in tiers to indicate machine health. Beacons employ a single color, often with an audio signal, to convey information. Image used courtesy of Canva


The devices are available in any of the standard global electrical ratings, including 24V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC. The lights are built to the IP66/67 and UL Type 4/4X/13 ingress protection rating. The rating makes the product family suitable for indoor or outdoor industrial signaling applications. In order to meet global standards, the lights are built to meet the cULus, CE, KCC, RCM, UKCA, and Morocco requirements for global applications.

Customized Safety and Machine Status Monitoring

Rockwell Automation has released the new Bulletin 855R industrial beacons in the hopes of creating a beacon with greater functionality for operators. The beacons are designed to fit global ratings for use in plants across the globe. With multiple lighting combinations, several different signals can be produced to alert operators of machine conditions in a more accurate manner. To improve flexibility the product line is available as separate components or they can be purchased as pre-assembled beacons.