SCHUNK Opens New CoLabs in China and US to Help Engineers Gain Hands-on Training Experience With Robots

December 21, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

Learn about SCHUNK’s CoLabs and how they could help engineers gain hands-on training experience with robots and grippers.

Who is SCHUNK?

SCHUNK is a family-owned global company with headquarters in Germany. They produce gripping systems and clamping technology.

SCHUNK has a presence in more than 50 countries on five continents, including its own 33 subsidiaries and distribution partners on-site. The company has over 70 years of experience in the gripping and clamping industry.


A robot and gripper from SCHUNK. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK


SCHUNK continues to work toward innovative ideas to improve the manufacturing process, creating more productivity and efficiency for its customers. They hope that with their expertise and products, customers can strengthen their spot in the marketplace.

SCHUNK recently opened CoLabs in the United States and China. The goal of the CoLabs is to reduce the risk associated with new automated processes. CoLabs allow customers to test the application of SCHUNK products before they are implemented into their manufacturing processes.

Testing allows SCHUNK specialists to refine further and make suggestions to manufacturers before implementing the technology into plant processes.


CoLabs in China

In October, a Chinese SCHUNK subsidiary in Shanghai opened a CoLab that spans 215 square meters. Experts on-site are currently testing applications for different industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical technology.


A look inside of a CoLab showcasing robotic applications. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK


All tests are being conducted in live operation, allowing for a look at how the system will work in a live factory setting. They also utilize new digital processes by using smart products, including the small components gripper EGI. They’re also using the tool holder iTENDO2 and the power-free gripping technology ADHESO, which aims to improve the processes.

"With the CoLab, we want to ease our local customers into automation. We are testing how robots interact with our products," explained Dr. Simon Du, General Manager of SCHUNK Intec China.

Customers can ask specific questions about the processes, and experts will answer all questions in a detailed report. At the end of the testing period, customers are given recommendations on module setups for ideal system applications.


CoLabs in the United States

SCHUNK has also implemented a CoLab for use in the United States. The CoLab started operation in early November and is located in Morrisville, North Carolina.
The CoLab is an addition to the Tec-Center already being used in the United States for testing purposes. Jake Hall, a manufacturing influencer also known as #TheManufacturingMillennial, was invited to attend the event.


An engineer working in one of the CoLabs. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK


He discussed with different SCHUNK specialists how this new addition would help propel the manufacturing industry in the United States forward.

SCHUNK hopes that the use of CoLabs can help make the process of integration easier for manufacturers. The labs help them work out some of the inevitable kinks that come with the integration process.