Sick Sensors Aims to Enhance Machine Safety with New Safety Controller

January 04, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

SICK introduces its Flexi Compact safety controller to help enhance machine safety and efficiency for Industry 4.0 applications.

SICK's portfolio of products and solutions accommodate industry sectors, including packaging, robotics, machine tools, food and beverage, health care manufacturing, mobile automation, oil and gas, power, and more. 

The company recently released its new Flexi Compact safety controller to enable improved machine efficiency and systems operation. 


The Flexi Compact Safety Controller

The Flexi Compact is a software-programmable safety controller with a modular hardware platform. If demands increase, it can be extended by up to 12 modules. The controller also integrates into various fieldbuses and industry 4.0 applications. 


The Flexi Compact safety controller. Image courtesy of SICK


Intuitive Safety Designer configuration software allows operators to plan entire safety applications in a few minutes. The software comes with an integrated verification function and documentation to speed up the development of safety solutions and make the process safe.

Users may benefit from saving time with a particular focus on commissioning. For operators that need a fast production start, the Flexi Compact incorporates Intelligent housing functions and smart gateways to simplify machine integration. 


HMI Integration

The Flexi Compact comes with an HMI integration. The controller can read application-specific diagnostic data in real-time. 

Users visualize and evaluate this data to provide a clear picture of any machine-related faults. This ability to troubleshoot quickly can reduce downtimes and enhance machine maintenance and function, increasing plant availability. 


The Flexi Compact safety controller. Image courtesy of SICK

The Flexi Compact can further boost productivity through faster safety. As these safety applications become more complex, the need for more reliable and robust safe control solutions has grown. 



The company incorporated the Safety-over-EtherCAT backplane bus to help provide safe and responsive data exchange. 

Users can benefit from safe door monitoring with a high degree of manipulation protection when using the Flexi Compact with SICK's transponder safety switches. The controller can be used with Flexi Loop to maintain safety further. 

SICK's Flexi Compact safety controller is suitable for machines that require average to complex safety logic. The controller also works for machines with many doors, flaps, or decentralized safety paths that need to be protected, such as packaging machines. 

Other applications include robots, basic motion control, and compact systems.