Siemens Introduces First 5G Router for Connecting Industrial Applications

December 02, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens provides new opportunities for factories of the future through a wireless connection of industrial applications with their first 5G router.

The advent of 5G represents the next generation of cellular networks that has the capability of providing new opportunities for people, businesses, and society. Some companies are aiming to shift towards wider digitization. 


Prospects For Industry 4.0

Siemens recently announced the company’s first 5G router that can connect local industrial applications to a public 5G network. The device will be available for purchase from spring 2021.


Siemens demonstrates industrial 5G router. Image courtesy of Siemens


The growing use of modern smart technology and digitally interconnected technological networks through IIoT is changing the operational landscape of industrial manufacturing. Strong connectivity and communication capabilities between devices are essential in production plant design, optimization of intralogistics, and the efficiency of autonomous workflows. 

Eckard Eberle, CEO ProcessAutomation, Siemens said that "5G networks will open doors for industry on its journey to Industrie 4.0 and digitalization. This includes mobile applications in manufacturing as well as autonomous vehicles in logistics, IIoT, AR and VR applications."


Connect Local Industrial Applications to a Public 5G Network

Introducing 5G to the industry could open new prospects regarding manufacturing operations. Wireless connectivity via 5G may enable faster operations. Siemens notes that the initial data speed will be between one and 5 gigabits per second, but will then increase to 20 gigabits per second. 



Compared to the previous Long-Term Evolution (LTE) system, the company says 5G is 10 to 20 times faster. In addition to greater speed, public 5G networks can offer system engineers and operators remote access and remote maintenance solutions.


Siemens 5G Router

The new Scalance MUM856-1 comes with an IP65 rating and supports 5G for public and private networks, 3G, and 4G (LTE) standards. Customers can use 3G or 4G, or they can trial proof-of-concept tests with 5G to discover how and where 5G can be deployed in the future. 


Siemens demonstrates industrial 5G router. Image courtesy of Siemens


The device can also be configured with Siemens’ SINEMA Remote Connect VPN management platform. This platform can be used to securely access plants, machines, and devices even if they are integrated with other networks. Connecting industrial applications to 5G public networks provides users with high bandwidths.