Siemens New Industrial App Utilizes AI to Detect Anomalies in the Process Industry

June 10, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens latest AI Anomaly Assistant Industrial App uses machine learning and AI to detect critical anomalies in the process industry.

Siemens AG provides customers in the process and manufacturing industries with products and solutions for digitalization, electrification, and automation.


Utilizing AI to Detect Anomalies

Recently, the company released its new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to pinpoint anomalies in the production process relevant to product-related business targets. Siemens designed the AI Anomaly Assistant Industrial App to help plant operators find and predict production anomalies.

The goal is for users to make justified and informed changes to the automation system in place to prevent any problems in the production process that affect operational and business objectives. 


Identifying Anomalies with Machine Learning Algorithms

Siemens' app uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to teach the AI which anomalies are relevant to business objectives. The ML algorithms are trained using process data and are then collated to identify the anomalies that affect the economic efficiency of a given facility. 

Plant operators can refocus the AI through the app dashboard to select the most relevant anomalies and evaluate and comment on them.


Siemens AI Anomaly Assistant dashboard. Image used courtesy of Siemens AG


This evaluation phase is repeated several times so plant operators can generate a fully-trained AI to identify and evaluate anomalies based on process data. 

Users can install the AI Anomaly Assistant app as a cloud application or within a customer's existing infrastructure. The app runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premises installations on SIMATIC Box PC or virtual machines (ESX, Hyper V). 

The cloud-based approach with AWS provides customers and Siemens with the ability to cooperate more efficiently. Working in the cloud can be particularly advantageous in the evaluation phase because data analysts and plant operators can collaborate in a broader capacity. 


Aligning the AI to Meet Customer Needs

For the AI Anomaly Assistant to be most effective for customer needs, Siemens advises close cooperation between the company and operation management. Market situations can change, and so too can the plant managers' business objectives for any given product.


Siemens hopes this new app will help process engineers utilize AI to streamline their operations. Image used courtesy of Siemens AG


This is why cooperation is key to aligning the AI to business-critical anomalies. The AI Anomaly Assistant provides a platform for such cooperation to help customers meet their business targets and operational goals.

Siemens claims there are some potential advantages of using AI-controlled production processes with Siemens AI Anomaly Assistant. These advantages include the following:

  • Break down business targets into measures in technical process control
  • Potential reduction in CO2 emissions through optimization of production 
  • Predict developing issues in the production process
  • Carpeting of operator experience by the AI
  • Documentation of countermeasures to prevent any impact on business by anomalies


Another potential benefit of using Siemens AI Anomaly Assistant is that extensive training is not required for quick installation on desktop PCs or mobile devices. Users can combine anomaly detection results with other services, such as predictive asset management, under the Asset Performance Suite (APS).