Siemens Releases New Flow, Level, and Pump Controllers for Radar Transmitters

November 20, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

The Sitrans LT500 is a new flow, level, and pump controller with a range of applications where compliance, environmental regulations, and safety are critical.

Siemens recently announced the release of their Sitrans LT500, a flow, level, and pump controller designed for use with radar and ultrasonic transmitters or any 2-wire 4-20 mA device. 

The controller is specifically designed to support environmental compliance, a reduced carbon footprint, increased safety, better process optimization.


Environmental Compliance

One of the keys to successful environmental compliance lies in recording and storing accurate data.

This is why the Sitrans LT500 records precision flow and level measurements that meet ISO standards, includes onboard data logging of those measurements for backup and regulatory compliance, and can easily be retrofitted onto older equipment.


The Sitrans LT500 is a continuous, non-contact, level monitoring, and control device that can be used with liquids, slurries, and solids. Image courtesy of Siemens.


The Sitrans LT500 supports basic level control and complex pumping routines so that processes can reliably meet local legislation requirements.


Key Features of the Sitrans LT500

The Siemens Sitrans LT500 also aims to reduce a facility’s carbon footprint by allowing users to optimize operating parameters through programming which pump is running or how long pumps and far more complex pump control programs.

It provides reliable level measurement and dependable connectivity so that fewer site visits are necessary, reducing CO2 emissions. 


The Sitrans LT500 supports process optimization that can range from basic pump management programs to complex pumping routines. Image courtesy of Siemens.

There are also several safety features designed into the Siemens Sitrans LT500, including high-level alarms and backup level override that can prevent the overflow of liquids that may be dangerous or hazardous.

It also has an isolated wiring compartment, password access and reduces the need for personnel to access dangerous, confined areas or vessel tops.

The Sitrans LT500 also has a push-button configuration so that a technician can configure the device in an application or, if needed, through backup control provided by a PLC.

Another beneficial feature of the Sitrans LT500 is its support of process automation by providing easy access to crucial data through the ability to connect the Sitrans LT500 to the IIoT, cloud, or networks via industry-standard protocols.

The Sitrans LT500 accurately measures key process parameters related to flow, level, and pump operation, including:


  • Level
  • Distance
  • Space
  • Volume
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Differential 
  • Average
  • Head


It also offers up to 2 measuring points and 6 programmable alarm or control relays. The Sitrans LT500 has two discrete inputs, three analog outputs, and a range of communication options that includeHART, Modbus RTU, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, and PROFIBUS PA.

It can be used with the Sitrans LR110, LR120, and Probe LU240 or any level measuring device that generates a signal in mA.


Applications fo the Sitrans LT500

The Sitrans LT500 can be used in applications as diverse as waste/wastewater facilities, pharmaceutical companies, paint manufacturing facilities, breweries, and chemical plants. It is commonly used with chemical storage, hoppers, wet wells, liquid storage, dry solid storage, crusher bins, flumes/weirs, and bar screen control.

The Sitrans LT500 can be used wherever there is a need for precise flow/level measurement and pump control.


Offering precision and reliability, it promises to support environmental compliance, safety, and process optimization in a wide range of industries and applications and is now available to order from Siemens.