Simpson Electric Release the Eagle: A Programmable Digital Meter

March 11, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

What are the key features of Simpson Electric’s latest digital meter and how can it benefit the automation industry?

Built with NEMA-rated protection and reinforced with fiberglass enclosure, this new programmable digital meter is unique to the industry. 


Who is Simpson Electric?

Simpson Electric is a Native American owned manufacturer of digital and analog panel meters and test instruments for environmental, industrial and laboratory applications. The company has been in the industry since 1927. 

Simpson builds electrical products designed to weather industrial conditions. Simpson has recently released its latest hard-wearing instrument, the Eagle Programmable Digital Meter.

The name of the instrument thoughtfully incorporates the bird of prey, symbolic to the Native American Indian community as a strong and powerful spirit.

Like the infamous bird, the device is perfectly suited to the outdoors and is designed for use in farming, rock quarries, utility companies, for generators, electricians, solar and more.


New Digital Meter with Reinforced Fiberglass Enclosure

The devices carefully designed fiberglass outer casing qualifies with the NEMA rating system (type 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 12 and 13, IP68). 

This means that the device is protected against the ingress of potentially disruptive external matter including dirt, dust, lint, rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

simpson programmable digital meter

Simpson's Eagle, a new programmable digital meter. Image used and modified courtesy of Simpson Electric

The device is also designed to be fully operable if it comes in contact with snow or ice in harsh weather conditions and is corrosion resistant. 

More companies are starting to release products with the NEMA rating system, including Emerson, Rockwell, and other industry leaders. 


Backlight Configuration and Safety Features

  • Easy programming through computer-USB connection and configuration for measuring AC/DC voltage, AC or frequency

  • Main power 100-240VAC

  • Backlight configuration (red, white and green)

  • Inclusion of interface to other equipment using control relays

  • Useful alert system to notify operators when a parameter is out of range

  • Simple configuration available for 120VAC output for alarm-to-sound or light

The backlight configuration changes colors to show warning signs and signals. This can help to improve safety and other concerns when working in harsh industrial environments. 

The Eagle digital meter is designed to be a durable device, with an easy-to-use interface with accessible readouts of AC/DC voltage, AC or frequency.

The added NEMA-rated protection allows automation engineers to monitor, test, and troubleshoot devices or industrial-sized machines in harsh environments while keeping measurement data safely stored. 



Do you use programmable digital meters?