Spectrum Digital Inc. Releases the AppBox Family of IoT Edge Devices

June 18, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Spectrum Digital Inc. brings engineers the “AppBox” family of configurable solutions for IoT Edge solutions, communication bridges, and more.

U.S. based Spectrum Digital Inc. (SDI) is an electronic manufacturing company known for its design, development, and marketing of design tools for digital signal processors and high-performance microcontrollers. SDI’s product portfolio includes devices such as portable scan path emulators, stand-alone circuit board target modules, debuggers, and application-specific hardware.

Recently the company announced the release of its AppBox family of configurable solutions. These solutions can be used for a number of applications including the development of IoT Edge solutions, rapid prototyping of solutions, communication bridges or gateways, and more. 


The AppBox Family

A single AppBox from SDI is comprised of a choice of microprocessors, a range of communications interfaces, and I/O interfaces for system customization. The IoT edge devices offer systems controllers with an affordable solution with added system security. Each AppBox comes DC powered (+12 to 24) for industrial, battery, or solar applications in the absence of AC and is fully enclosed with a knock out panels for AppIO boards. The devices also feature vents for cooling and mounting holes. 


SDI’s AppBox and AppIO Module solutions. Image used courtesy of Spectrum Digital Inc.


SDI’s AppBox is available in a selection of 4 Atmel microprocessors (C21, D21, E54, E70) to suit user requirements. Each box provides CAN interface and RS-485 communications for industrial systems. The AppBox E70 features ethernet communications for industrial IoT applications.


RoHS and REACH Compliant

Each microprocessor is RoHS and REACH compliant. Users can choose an AppIO Module based on their project needs and each AppIO is compatible with Microchip/Atmel X PLAINED Modules. The AppIO 4 Channel Opto Input module is suitable within industrial environments where input from other logic is needed for control and monitoring systems.

The AppIO Channel Relay Output module can be used in the same environment, but where control with a relay is required. Both of these modules can be plugged into any one of the 3 expansion slots of the AppBox.

For each individual AppBox available, a total of 3 AppIO modules can be plugged into one at the same time. For more information on the different products available among the newly released AppBox family of configurable solutions, you can visit SDI’s product page here.


Some Key Features of SDI’s Latest AppBox Family Include:

  • Availability of an efficient proof of concept/prototyping platform 

  • Ease of customization and configuration 

  • Availability of volume price discounts for OEM customers 

  • Availability of expert-level development tools (Microchip/Atmel)

  • Option for remote use

  • Notable savings in cost and time

  • Availability of online documentation 

For users keen to get to grips with SDI’s innovative new solutions, the AppBox/IO technology has now been made available and is accessible through the company's website.