Stäubli Releases New Medium Payload Six-Axis Robots

March 17, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Mechatronics and robot manufacturer provider Stäubli released new six-axis robots for the medium payload range.

The new machines extend Stäubli’s TX2 family, bringing the total to nine models. The robots are dubbed respectively TX2-140, TX2-160 and TX2-160L, and are designed for various applications in both harsh to sterile environments.


Stäubli: A Company Overview

Founded in 1892, Stäubli is a Swiss mechatronics company focusing on textile machinery, connectors, and robotics products. The company reportedly has offices in 29 countries, with agents in 50 countries on four continents and a global workforce of 5500.


staubli robot

The TX2-140 robot arm. Image used courtesy of Stäubli


Stäubli offers quick and dry disconnect couplings for hydraulics, compressed air, and fuel applications. Stäubli also manufactures electrical connectors for power, signal and data, multi-coupling systems, multi-pole connectors, robotic tool changers, and quick mold change solutions.

The company has an international robotics team focusing on developing collaborative, SCARA, and 6-axis industrial robots, controllers, and industrial software solutions. Additionally, Stäubli offers various machinery systems for high-quality textile production, including weaving preparation, frame and Jacquard weaving, carpet and technical weaving, and sock knitting.


The TX2-140, TX2-160, and TX2-160L Robots

The TX2-140 has a reach of 1,510 mm, while the TX2-160 of 1710 mm. Both machines have a maximum load capacity of 40 kg. The TX2-160L is a long-arm version of the TX2-160. It has a reach of 2,010 mm and a maximum load capacity of 25 kg. 


staubli robot

All subcomponents in the TX2 robot arms are easily accessible. Image used courtesy of Stäubli

All three robots offer a repeatability value of ± 0.05 mm, and according to Stäubli, can achieve speeds of 1,500°/s on axis 5, enabling engineers to achieve substantially short cycle times. All media and supply lines run internally to the robots, housed inside an IP65 casing (or IP67 for overpressure units).

The new 6-axis robots are also compatible with Stäubli’s CS9 controller and its advanced safety features, making the installation and management of multi-robot setups easier.

The TX2-140, TX2-160, and TX2-160L are certified to satisfy SIL3/PLe safety standards and have a digital safety encoder on each axis, as well as an integrated safety PCB.



Like the other robot arms in the TX Series, the three new machines are designed to be deployed in harsh and sensitive production environments. These include automotive, food, and healthcare, and metal, plastics, semiconductors, and solar.

The new machines also use Stäubli’s proprietary drive technology to significantly increase the stiffness of the wrist when compared with the RX160 predecessor model, allowing for more precise applications.

The TX Series robots also offer optional modular SIL3-PLe safety functionalities like safe limited speed, safe stop, safe zones, and more to be deployed alongside humans.


staubli robot

The TX2 robots are compatible with Stäubli’s CS9 MP Controller and SP2 Control Pendant. Image used courtesy of Stäubli


In the future, Stäubli said it will work on the development of HE (Humid Environment), ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), cleanroom, and stericlean variants for the TX2 Series.

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