Universal Robots Sets Records With Cobot Solutions at MODEX 2020

March 07, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

How will these bots revolutionize the future of manufacturing and supply-chain operations? 

Universal Robots will be presenting their cutting-edge collaborative cobot applications at MODEX 2020.

MODEX 2020 is happening next week, March 9 through 12, set at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. The show brings its attendees the latest next-generation technology and equipment solutions for the manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Exhibitor and leader of integrative collaborative automation, Universal Robots (MODEX booth #1007), will be showcasing their cobot arms in new applications.

Other automation experts include Honeywell, FANUC, Siemens, and RightHand Robotics.


Why Cobots?

Efficient manufacturing and supply-chain management can be a tricky balance between key factors like monitoring and maintenance of system output, managing worker capacity and anticipating changing product load.

Emerging innovations in robotics and automation are now leveling the weighing scale for these operations and providing revolutionary solutions.

Companies like Amazon and DHL are using robotics solutions for a variety of tasks in their warehouses including picking, packing, sorting and palletizing.

Implementing the use of cobots is set to improve manufacturing and supply-chain efficiency, reduce labor shortage problems, and lifting-related injuries. Workflows can be directed to higher-value decision-based work. 



Universal Robots showcasing cobot on showroom floor. 


The evolution of cobots is seeing them tackle picking-related issues. A picking task involving the movement of a single product is more easily handled by cobots compared to a task with different products that need to be identified.

This is where the integration of vision systems helps boost the picking process. They are easily reprogrammable and can be redeployed to fit a specified need.


Universal Robots Re-Shaping the Landscape of Manufacturing and Warehouse Robots

A Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator, MDCI Automation partnered with Plus One Robotics to create the Quick Deployment Kit solution to optimize pick-and-place handling of products, case packing, and goods-to-person tasks.

The kit combines Universal Robots UR10e cobot arm with Plus One’s PickOne Perception System to create an accurate, picking device that is able to keep up with fast-moving conveyor speeds and that can be taught through remote alerting technology to identify and pick specific products.


gif from universal robots

Gif of cobot moving. Clip used courtesy of Universal Robots


In order to make palletizing and depalletizing more efficient and deployable, the Cross Company integrated its easy-to-use software with Universal Robots UR10e cobot.

The result was the creation of Cross Palletron. This fully collaborative and mobile device can be easily re-deployed for different production lines and for products of different sizes.

Another benefit of using this solution is that it can reduce workplace injuries by eliminating the need for workers to repeat tasks involving bending and heavy-lifting.


More Robotic Innovations Coming to MODEX 2020

Along with these Universal Robots-powered solutions, RightHand Robotics (MODEX booth #9826) will showcase their autonomous piece-picking RightPick2 solution. The solution features an intelligent gripper Universal Robots 5e Cobot, a vision system and control software with a touch screen dashboard for ease of monitoring and control.

The RightPick platform allows operators to pick from a range of goods-to-persons systems, induct sortation systems, a place to mobile robots and automate kitting processes.

RightPick2 has been successfully deployed in a number of industries from pharmaceuticals, retail, electronics, e-commerce, apparel and more. 

The integrative collaborations that form Universal Robots + cobot-powered solutions are the key to their changing the face of robotic automation within the manufacturing and supply-chain industry. 


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Featured image used courtesy of Universal Robots