Vecna Robotics Partners with Alta Material Handling to Expand Robot Material Handling Solutions

September 16, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Vecna Robotics announces its entry into a partnership with Alt Material Handling to meet customer demand for automated pallet transfer vehicles.

U.S. robotics and technology company, Vecna Robotics, Inc. (Vecna), specializes in material handling and logistic operations for distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations. 

The company recently partnered with material handling product supplier, Alta Material Handling (AMH). Under the partnership, Vecna will be providing AMH with its full range of automated pallet transfer vehicles. The partnership hopes to expand AMH’s product portfolio and allow the company to offer its customers high-capacity automated mobile robots (AMRs).


Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Only 1% of material handling vehicles in the U.S. are automated, and the labor shortage in industrial workers that can fulfill heavy-duty material transfer tasks is significant. Many companies have been looking for solutions to become more competitive by implementing automation technologies. This is where the AMRs take center stage.

AMRs are a key component of traditional manufacturing facilities and warehouses, as well as those in the transition phase of transforming into Industry 4.0 facilities. AMRs can collect materials from multiple bins, sort them, and store them in the most efficient way possible. 


Vecna’s autonomous pallet truck. Image used courtesy of Vecna Robotics


These robots also allow manufacturers to increase warehouse efficiency since they can execute tasks with greater consistency than humans. Another advantage of AMRs is that they can work day and night without breaks, holidays, or injuries, which gives them an edge over human labor.


The Partnership

Both Vecna and AMH wish to provide their customers with robotic technology that can execute high-frequency pallet handling in distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities across the U.S and worldwide. AMH will sell Vecna’s full range of automated pallet transfer vehicles, including the latter company’s self-driving forklifts, pallet trucks, and tow trucks. AMH will also spec and service them.

In a recent news release, the Director of Business Development and Strategy at Vecna, Matthew Cherewka, commented, “We’re eager to kick off this partnership with Alta Material Handling, as the company has a deep knowledge of customer needs and an innovative outlook.” Cherewka added, “With Alta’s extensive reach and long-held reputation for quality products and service, we are pleased to work alongside them to expand their offerings and deploy our solutions nationwide.”


Vecna’s autonomous robot solutions. Image used courtesy of Vecna Robotics


Vecna will benefit from a wider customer base through AMH’s existing network of customers, and AMH hopes to grow a strong portfolio of mobile robot solutions. For industry, this partnership will offer manufacturers a greater choice in expertly designed AMR technology for traditional factories and smart factories of the future. Software

Customers implementing Vecna’s AMR technology also have the opportunity to use its specialist multi-agent AI-based orchestration engine. 

The software. Screenshot used courtesy of Vecna Robotics combines four key elements, including the following:

  • Autonomy stack for navigation, decision-making, and safe working
  • A user interface for connecting human workers with intelligent automation
  • The beacon service for performance improvement
  • Dynamic envelope protection for added safety


Vecna and AMH are hopeful that this partnership will allow them to expand their robotic and material handling capabilities. They will aim to do this with their latest AMRs and the software.