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R A Peterson

Anyone else notice that AB has included a blackjack and slot machine game code with the PB32 CDROM (at least the 3.50 rev I just got).

Check in a directory called /extra/games on the cdrom.

Wonder if this is some kind of marketing signal, or did someone just accidentally put it there.

Jerry Holzer

Yeah...I noticed that too. I don't think they put the PLC rungs to support those screens on the CD though. It seems fitting that Rockwell includes a
"game of chance" with their software; your odds of winning at the slots are better than actually getting your project out on time if you used a
That's the demo from Automation Fair 1999. It makes a very good example of the use of imported bitmaps in PanelBuilder, and is a little more
interesting than the bottle washer example code that's been shipping for years.

Yes, it's included on purpose, though it's not stored in with the other example programs because it's not intended as a communication or data
handling example.

Actually, I've seen a few PanelViews on gaming devices like big VR machines that have A-B controllers running the motion and hydraulics. And man, I'm getting sick of answering the question about random number generators.... no, you can't built a slot machine with a SLC.

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle

David Lawton Mars

Jerry, what do you mean? Do I take it you don't like PB32? I've developed loads of PanelView apps using PB32 and I've always found it pretty easy to
configure. I'd be interested to know of any problems you've encountered.

R A Peterson

Most of the strange quirks in PB32 seem to have gone away. The current versions seem to be pretty decent. At least they no longer crash every ten or fifteen minutes, and you can actually download more then once without having to exit the software and restart it, which I considered to be two of the most annoying quirks earlier versions had.

Having a way to get around the stupid "project" features was a big step forward too.

David Lawton Mars

> Most of the strange quirks in PB32 seem to have gone away. The current
> versions seem to be pretty decent.

Yes I think release 3.5 is pretty good. It now has some security features built into the PanelView too so you don't have to write a password routine in the PLC which I always found a bit frustrating. I've used the new feature and
it's quite good. To use it I think you need firmware release 4.0 or higher.
Long live PanelView :)