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Amora Fibrianto

Dear All,
I have to develop system using AB SLC5/04 in redundant configuration using 1746-BSN.
The last thing our costumer want is another pair of BSN for DH+ network.
And I could not use our RIO, since it's fully occupied and will slowing down the data transfer.

According to BSN's manual, I could use their serial interface, but i could not found any information on what protocol they use. So i suspect it's use DF-1 protocol no handshaking.

But AB return with following comment :
"I contacted our product group in Milwaukee. They indicate that they think this is supposed to work okay with DH485, but they are not sure about DF1."

Need help soon or somebody will shoot me........

amora fibrianto
Amora, Good news: The 1747-BSN serial channel is protocol independent. You don't need another pair of 1747-BSN's to connect an operator interface to your SLC-500 based system. In fact, the 1747-BSN modules literally switch the TXD, RXD, and COM terminals through some reed relays from the left set of terminals to the right, depending on which processor is the Primary. You set up Channel 0 on both processors to be the same node number, and the PanelView will only "see" one at a time. You can use a DF1 PanelView terminal or a DH485 PanelView terminal. The SLC serial port is RS232 only, but you can use 1761-NET-AIC isolators (strongly recommended anyhow) to extend that link up to 4000 feet. I like the DF1 PanelViews. You'll see that each 1747-BSN module has two sets of three screw terminals each. The left side is marked "TO CPU" and the right side is marked "TO LINK". Connect each 1747-BSN's "TO CPU" lines to the CPU's Ch.0 serial port straight across: TXD to TXD (pin 3) and RXD to RXD (pin 2) and COM to COM. Connect the two 1747-BSN's "TO LINK" lines to each other, also straight across. Now connect one of those "TO LINK" terminal sets to Port 2 (the round mini-DIN) of a 1761-NET-AIC isolator..... but switch TXD and RXD. Connect the PanelView (DF1/RS232 or DH485/RS232) to Port 1 (D-shell) of the 1761-NET-AIC with a 2711-NC13 cable. That will work fine. The PanelView will only be physically connected to one Ch.0 port at a time (whichever is Primary) so you address it to one SLC only. Good luck, and keep your head down. Ken Roach Rockwell Automation / Seattle [email protected]

Eric M. Klintworth

I am guessing you need to connect a PanelView to a redundant pair of SLC-5/04 processors... If that's the case, the 1747-BSN modules do switch the Channel 0 serial port, using electromechanical relays. See page 4-52 of publication 1747-6.22, the User Manual for the module. You can purchase PanelView terminals with serial ports that use either DF1 full duplex (if you have only one PanelView to connect to) or DH485 protocol. You could use the DH485 version along with AIC+ modules if you needed to talk to more than one PanelView. The SLC processor can be configured to use either protocol, but you have to buy the correct PanelView--I'm pretty sure the protocol isn't selectable. If I misinterpreted your question, let us know. We wouldn't want you to be shot. Eric M. Klintworth Columbus, Ohio USA