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Hi to all,

Does anybody can help me about ASi master communication Processor. I need to add 1 Asi master (CP-342-2) module for the main rack. My existing Master using extended operation configuration. Please help me to do it again for the next additional master (CP 342-2) by using extended operation. Anybody from Siemens people can contribute even small ideas. It would be a great help.

Thank you very much in advance,

Dear Zaki,
Open a copy of your existing Step-7 program in Simatic Manager and add another AS-i CP from hardware catalog save and compile.
Then open your Step-7 progam OB and FB where the first CS-i CP342-2 has been used with extended functions and copy them to new FB. Change the addresses according to the new assignment of the second AS-i CP342-2 and modify the logic according to your requirement.
Hi Namzha,

Is there any addressing for another Asi Master like for diagnosing the module?since ther are 2 master now connected?By the way ID Module for Asi is 28 am I correct?

It means, that my existing DB31 for Asi read write block will also create another DB like DB32 for another master?

It says hear standard DB for Asi is DB31?and DB 58 for alarm.

It is posible to have more than 1 CP_DB if exist one more than 1 CP342_2?

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I am very much appreciated with ur first reply,,

Dear Zaki,

The diagnostic address for the second AS-i CP342-2 can be found in the hardware configuration of your Step-7 program. You may send me zip (archive) Step-7 software so I am able to answer your questions. The DB31 for the first CP-342-2 is most probably an instance DB for a FB handling the As-i CP342-2. When you call this FB in your OB1 it will ask you to assign a DB number for its instance Datablock, you may put DB32 if there is no DB32 in your existing software.
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