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Peter Whalley

Hi All,

I am having a look at software to provide or use in developing an automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) system. Does anyone have experience with the use of this type of facility either in industrial automation or building automation.

I am looking at CLIPS as a possible componenet of the FDD system. CLIPS provides an expert system shell for rule based programming. Does anyone
have experience in use of this software for FDD.

I have also come across Gensym's G2 Diagnostic Assistant which looks very sophisticated but probably expensive. Is anyone using this?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


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We held a meeting on Fault Detection in 1997, and I have a few references on different FDD techniques. You can see a list of these on our fledgling Industrial Control Resources page at:

under "Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control".

None of these refer to specific software packages, rather they look at the various underlying techniques. I can send you some of the papers if they are useful.

Hope this helps.

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