Choosing the right PLC combo


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Birol Ilker

I need help in choosing the right PLC version for me and I am not able to decide at the moment please help me. This is my first project with plc and I now understand that I don't know much about the things that a PLC can do and how can do. Thanks for help.

My project includes control of 4 micro servo motors. While I was searching for the right PLC to do the work, I firstly chosen Siemens' LOGO! which I used before for some beginner projects. But here:

1.Can we use LOGO itself to drive a servo motor?

question came up. All outputs are digital. I think I need expansion modules here. Then went to S7 series, Here the same question came up in my mind:

2.Can we use the Siemens S7-200 with CPU214 for servo control itself? Will we need anything more?

On the other hand LOGO! has advantage of having screen to program which S7 doesn't. So I don't need to buy cable for LOGO!

At the moment I think I will buy LOGO! but I think I will need expansion modules. On the other hand I don't want to use S7 for this small project.

What do you think? What to do?

ALso I need to inform you that using any type of PLC is an obligation.

When you say micro servo motor do you mean the RC type servo motors which are PWM controlled? If so you can just use an Arduino for about $30, program with C# and download with the freeware for it.