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Maybe some of you can help me. I am communicating with a plc with the help of the IBH link adaptor. When I write or get data the cpu usage of my pc becomes very high, is it possible to make it lower? I communicate with the plc in a delphi program, and use the netlink driver v 1.12.

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I know the device and the high language interface. I used it from Helmholz, which is the same. You need a lot of COM/DCOM knowledge to use this communication interface without screwing up your pc. Helmholz told me I should use a communication dll called AGLink. This works well and provide much more power with less cpu load.

You also can use your written code on different communication adapters without changing the code; e.g. NetLink, serial adaptor, USB adaptor, several MPI/Profibus cards... Search for AGLink or contact Helmholz for more information.

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Thomas Hergenhahn

This is probably because IBH software, AFAIK, consists of two parts: an OPC-server that communicates with IBH-Link and the library you link your delphi project against.
This means that a lot of CPU load is generated in managing the OPC/DCOM overhead.

I wrote my own library for LINUX, which communicates directly. It should be possible to port it to Windows with little modifications in order to use Winsock API.

You can find it at:

Frank Iwanitz


This statement must be wrong in my opinion. In another thread related to this issue the Helmholz solution has been mentioned. This is made by Softing. I am the Product Manager for this product. We made some tests showing that opc communication is faster then mpi/s7 communication and the cpu load is slow, e.g. using appropriate settings maximum performance can be gained with low cpu load.