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Dear Sir,
As we have five number of Dell Precison 380 model PCs, and two number of Dell Optiflex GX280 machines , and one number of Dell Optiflex GX 270 Machines in our factory.

Dell Optiflex GX 280 and Dell Optiflex GX 270 Machines are old, and they were running under Windows NT 4.0 operating System, and Conductor NT ver 4.0 with service pak 1.

When I am upgrading to windows 2000 operating System with Conductor NT ver 4.,0 with service pak 1 the following were identified.

Dell Precision 380 Machine : Primary Server Installation went well, and added three clients installation successful, and all three clients and one primary server doing well.

When I am trying to load the Conductor NT ver 4.0 on the Dell Optiflex GX 270 & Dell Optiflex GX 280 with the windows 2000 operating system, the following message is coming that “BASE CONDUCTOR INSTALLATION FAILED”

Please note that, Prior to loading windows 2000 the dell optiflex GX 270 & GX 280 is running on windows NT 4.0 & Conductor NT 4.0 along with the service pak 1.

Please advise what are the reasons & Check list for the message “ BASE CONDUCTOR INSTALLATION FAILED”

Thanks & Best Regards
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Chris Jennings

Conductor NT 4.0 can't be loaded on a Windows 2000 computer. You will need to upgrade to Conductor NT 5.0

Chris Jennings