Connecting a TXS Micro using UNITELWAY


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I need help! I can't connect my PC on PLC (schneider, TSX MICRO) via terminal port, UNITELWAY if I put RAM(32k) card into my PLC. the RAM card have program. Maybe is set on channel 0 some other protocol MODBUS OR CHARACTER LINK and not UNITELWAY and I have only UNITELWAY and XIP to chose. what you think can be this reasons for my unconnectivity? It is possible to reset a RAM card?
Hello Steph,

TSX Micro has 2 physicals ports on front but there is only 1 bus available with only 1 protocol. The difference between those 2 ports is the 5 Voltage power supply which is on the first 1 (top).

Concerning RAM card and connexion I am not to sure that I follow you :eek:((

For your information when you plug the console cable it switchs the "programmed" configuration to the UNITELWAY master so then the communication must work even if you have a different protocol programmed. (TSX PCU 103X)

Did you try to communicate with xway driver manager ?

Hope it help

yes I try it but it is no response. PL7 always give message no phisicaly connection with LC (not possible). if I connect my PLC withoud RAM is OK and I see my PLC.

What is the part number of your ram card ?
Where do you plug it ?
Have you the right cache ?
What about the state of leds on front of the PLC ?


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Dear Steph,
is your base extension? The extension bases can block terminal port if it hasn't terminate equipment.Is your base extension? I don't know any determination with memory card and comm. channell. Could you inform me about result please..
my memory card is TSXMRP032P and my PLC is MODICON TSX Micro TSX37210001. The control lights on front PLC are flashing like PLC would-be in STOP mode without connection on terminal port.

Jérôme what do zou mean with :
Have you the right cache? I`ve already connected on this card then I changed something maybe on channel0 and channel1, and at once PC can't establish phisicaly connection with PLC.