Connecting Os/2 Warp node with Windows NT application


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Murali C

Dear List members,

I need to connect an OS/2 Warp application with DDE server which is populating data in Excel. This Excel application is an embedded Windows 3.1
16 bit application. Is it possible to have data populate this data to an Windows NT application FIX 32 from Intellution which is running in a
different machine on the network.

I assume that OS/2 Warp does not support NetDDE. So pls let me who this application can setup. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.


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I must be showing my age. I was a big OS/2 user. I had is disk sharing and printer sharing with Win95/98 nodes. Yes OS/2 has NetDDE. NetDDE has always been flakey. It will drop the connection and not tell the app. You probably need to redesign this app.

Fix 32 is not as open network friendly as iFix. If you really need to keep this, I would consider some Visual Basic glue at both ends and pass the data through a direct open IP port.

Robert Mah
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