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The idea is that a PLC operates usually autonomous (without conections). If I want to change parameters, I "switch" on the conection (with a switch), perform the changes and switch the conection off. I am looking for a physical broken bus, not a software solution. (If this is not the right place to ask such a question: sorry!)

Heinz-Juergen Oertel

<P>>Is it possible to "switch" on and off a CanBUS?</P>

<P>You can not switch on/off the bus, whatever you mean with this.
But you can connect/disconnect devices, without interferring others working on the bus, also with a switch.
Only remember basic network rules for a line of twisted pair cables.</P>
| |
+-|-------- node 1
CAN trunk | +--------
\ | |
--+ \+--+ | =20
node x \ | | CAN-line
--+ \+--+ |=20
| |
+-|------- node m
| +-------
| |
<P>in this case you can disconnect node x without disturbing the CAN network</P>

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