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Cristian SANDOR

Dear Sir's

I have a new application and I don't know how is the easy way to solve it.

There are up to 10 machine tools controlled by Modicon PLC's (Micro and few Premium).Our customer wants a kind of monitor system installed on a PC computer.They want to know how many pieces are made per a day,nomber of faults,working or stationary time of each machine tool.

I can write a good application on a PC and I can use Database files for read/save data.

I would like to know if there is a ModBus driver or application wich can communicate with this PLC's running on PC and to get data from PLC's in one of the the following databese file format:
Paradox-5.0 for Windows
DBase IV

All informations are to be read from PLC's one time at 4 hours each day of a week.

Thank you for help,
Cristian SANDOR

Nishad Roshan.P

Dear Mr.Cristian SANDOR,

I would suggest you to go for a Modbus Master Driver which can communicate with the Modicon PLC & it sits on your PC. Once the data is acquired into the PC, we can represent it in any Database format.

This Modbus Driver is available with many vendors including us. For more details feel free to contact me at:
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Hello Mr. Cristian SANDOR

Your application seems to be interesting. We do have Modbus drivers and Dynamic link librarires that can run on PC and fetch data from MODBUS PLCs. Once data is available in PC, it can be converted to any database format and stored in any of the database mentioned by you.
What exactly you have to do is to get a MODBUS Master dll and use it in your application.

If you are looking for an application that does all your job, that can also be done. Please feel free to contact me for more information or visit our website

With regards
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Dear Cristian!

The Schneider Electric has a SCADA software, Vijeo Look. It is a small SCADA system. This software can use a local SQL database or a third part database (Oracle).

Best regards!


Jean-Luc Henrotte - ACT'L


We have a hardware solution called eWON to Access all of your PLCs, on a MODBUS RTU or MODBUS TCP Basis (among others). It is able to perform all the calculations you might want regarding working hours, quantity produced, etc... you can automatically send the logged informations or retrieve them from outside. It also has a full Alarm Management system embedded. Last but not least, it is able to work as a full Gateway or router to give you access from a LAN, a Phone connection and even Internet. It will be presented to Schneider Customers during the Schneider [email protected] Conferences.

Just have a look at and send me a little Email...

Kind regards,
Jean-Luc Henrotte.
Export Manager.
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