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Rich Weekly

I have a project that I need to connect some Fanuc robots to some Modicon PLC's, My problem is that the Fanuc Robots only have the option to speak Devicenet Protocol. Prosoft makes an Modbus + card for an AB PLC. What I need is a Devicenet card for a Modicon PLC or some other solution. Anybody got any ideas?

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Perhaps you can program you communication requests into an Modicon Basic Module and then use an ASCII to DeviceNet converter to send it to the robot. I can't help you with the Modicon basic module, but I do know of a source for the ASCII to DeviceNet protocol converter.

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Rob Faragher

Look at the momentum products - I think you can get them with various fieldbus interfaces. See if you can use them as a gatreway.

Fabio Mielli

Modicon TSX Quantum has one partner that has one DeviceNet I/O scanner, See the site: (the company is called AVG).
But be carefull because this module doesn't have explicit messaging function (its only I/O scanner, the data must be available inside simple words (without explicit function)

Sometimes you have to use one gateway from SS Technologies (Modbus Plus x DeviceNet)

You can find SS inside the alliances site .

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