Graphical Editor or MMI for use with Visual Basic or Visual C++


Ive got extensive knowledge of SL-GMS but not the other two systems you mentioned. You can use VBscript with SL-GMS, i have used this feature to add very advanced functionality to my submodels, you can pass real time process values into your VB code as parameters, which enables you to easily change colour, linetype, movement, etc).

When you install SL-GMS, the VBscript editor can be initiated from the main Grafx editor screen, but this option must be activated first. To do this double click on the file /Examples/Modscript/modscript.reg. There is also a good help file which tells you everything you need to know with good example code to get you started.

SL-GMS is a very flexible tool. You can also insert process grafx into html for interactive webpages.

I hope this has been of some help.