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hi every body... i'm a student in the last year of faculty of engineering, chemical dept. and i want you to help me and tell me which books i can read to learn about the process control as i want to work in this field but in my college i don't get good teaching and i want to study by my self so it will be great if u could help me... and thank u for ur time...

Hi Ali!!!

My name is Vagelis Katsos and I come from Greece-Thessaloniki. Call me Vagelis. I've got degree in Automation Engineer and I work as Automation Engineer in Plant of Waste water treatment of Thessaloniki. I have some books about control.So, I would like to send me a piece of information about what odjects you want to study in order to take some pfotocopies to send you!!!


My e-mail account:[email protected]
Hi Ali

You being a Chemical engg student I would recommend you to read the book "Chemical proces control" by George Stephenopaulos Its a good book,especially for beginners in this field.

You may also like to read the book "Process Instrumentation technology" by C.D.Johnson which neatly expalins the basics.

Both these books will help you to gain valuable insights in the field of Process Control.

For very detailed studies You may refer to advanced books in this field by Liptak and Shinskey and so on.

Hope this helps

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Try the ISA bookstore at

Here is a direct link to a great book:

(this is a long link. you may need to copy it in two parts to your browser)

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Diana C Bouchard

A good basic book available from ISA -- The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society ( is Process Control: A Primer for the Non-specialist and the Newcomer, 2nd Edition, by G. Platt. You might also be interested in Fundamentals of Process Control Theory, 3rd edition, by Paul Murrill, from the same source.

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