Ide Micro-1 cable pinout?

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Xenomorph Alien

Hello all!
I have here a micro-1 plc from idec and was wondering if anyone has the cable pinout for the PC to PLC connection?

I can't find any information on it on the net.

Many thanks in advance!
It's kinda tricky as it required a RS422 to RS232 converter. There were several parts that made up the programming cable for those (I have a Square D Micro-1, same exact device).

I don't have the pinouts for the cable though... Check with Idec, it's still listed on their website...

I do not think I have ever seen the pinouts of the Micro1. I used to buy my programming cable from Niobrara Research and Development "": . Their SCM1D cable costs $199 (US), but it works, which saved me many man-hours of troubles creating my own connection.
Ok thanks all! :)

I will keep looking out for the cable pinout.
Don't you find $199 abit to expensive?


Brian E Boothe

Jesus Christ $199.00?? Boy did you Get BURNED. At $15 a peice we Make our own cables in under 15 minuits...any AB style..Crossover or Straight thru....