Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive to Control the Speed of Motor

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Mahesh Thapaliya

I am electrical engineer by profession and currently I am doing research on medium voltage Variable Frequency drive (also called as VFD, VSD, AC drive, VVVF, etc.)

Now I am working in the field of research, manufacturing and marketing of MV VFD. I want to share an idea with somebody who is working in the field of MV VFD. Is here anyone who has installed MV VFD, or anyone who has experience in MV VFD? If you want to contact me, you can contact at themahesh01 at hotmail. com

And if anyone is looking for MV VFD application, catalog, manual, please feel free to contact me. I will sure share my experience with you in this field.

Electrical Engineer
I am also electrical engineer. I need to write Technical Report to get professional recognition. The subject I choose is "Comparative analysis of MV VFD drives present on the market". Would you be able to provide me with information on reliability of MV drives or probably you can advice how to get it?. If you know some problems with this type of drives let me know - we can discuss it. I am just at the beginning and any information will be appreciated.


Imran Qureshi

Dear Mahesh
I planned to install a MV variable speed drive for the 380kW 6.3kv cooler exhaust fan of our plant for energy saving and process optimization. Presently we control air flow with louvre damper. Got the price from Siemens which is very expensive. ABB recomended a low voltage solution as the application is too small for MV and it will be expensive. Now we are considering both an LV solution and a LV inverter with step up transformer to drive this MV motor.

Do you have any recommendation. Can you give advantage or disadvantage of these two solutions?

Imran Qureshi
DG Khan Cement
There's no way that we can recommend the correct size of drive for your application from the information that you give.

But you've asked 2 reputable companies for their professional advice and pricing.

If you buy the ABB or Siemens recommended Drive and its the wrong size for the application, then they will have to replace it.

If you ignore their advice and install a cheaper drive and its the wrong size, then its your fault that it doesn't work and you're screwed.

Dear Mahesh,

Nice to meet you here.

I work in the manufacturer of frequency inverter of China.

If it's ok, we can share and contact each other.


My skype is inverter-china

Sreejith K.G

Dear Mahesh,

I am working in this field and have commissioned quite a few no of MV India. Would like to share my experience with you and also can exchange information.

U can contact me on [email protected]

Hello, Dear Mahesh,

I am in this field of ac drive, frequency inverter. I am interested to get the information about this product.

My email is info [at]

I want the manual for VFD can you send it to me.

electrical engineer, thiruvalluvar [at]

Samozzal Paul

Dear Mahesh sir,

I am also an electrical engr. now working with PRAN_RFL GROUP, Bangla desh. I am very much interested to work on low voltage ac drives(frequency changer for speed control of motor) & PLC. now i need your help. i need some documents how ac drives work in detail of each power electronic equipment. Please send me some documents

Samozzal Paul

Mushtaq Ali Khira

Better you go for MV drives with Multi cell technology which are now a days comparatively very cheaper. Specially Chinese make like INVT, Harvet, Hivert etc.

If you want quality product with a little bit higher prices then Toshiba Japan and Hitachi are also in the market



Kislay Nigam

Dear Mr. Imraan Qureshi,

U/s came to know about your requirement, & would like to tell you that u/s can provide you the best solution for your application. As u/s is dealing in the Medium Voltage Drives and can provide you the best product with very cheap price.

Further as our benchmark we have recently received the order of 25 Nos. MVD from Shree Cement after a tough competition Technically & Commercially from ABB, Siemens, L&T etc.

So u/s could give you the best solution with best prices. Contact me at [email protected] or at 09838072293.

Kislay Nigam

Geoff Foster

Imran Qureshi (DG Khan Cement).

Please contact me in regards to LV voltage VSD solution for you, possibly we can discuss further.
>Dear Mr Imran,

Nowadays it is very easy to get right sizing of MVD.

You can give your phone no. to me or call me at 09426048312

Dear All,

I am working with the same field. I have installed 5 nos. of MV VFD in india. We can share our experience on same field.

Gunjan Ruparelia
gunjanruparelia1 [at]

Natvar Singh Chouhan

Dear Mahesh/Imran Qureshi

Please contact me on my mobile no.-9717773052 or 9311008732 to know advantage and disadvantages of both solution

Natvar Singh Chouhan
For ABB Ltd
Dear All,

i am working on MVD. my drive tripped at 2.04 Hz. Again n again its happining.

Plz help me