Mitsubishi CC

Hello everyone, I'm trying to write (transcribe since there is plenty of documentation on the CC-LINK consortium site) the CC-LINK IE SLMP protocol on Tia Portal, the aim is to prepare the PLC to respond to read requests and writing of the FAG sensor, after wagons of accidents to Mitsubishi and Siemens I started to see something that just escapes the basic logic: in particular the sensor can only interface with Q or L CPUs and is being installation from the sensor web interface there is a check button that allows you to understand if the CPU is ready to receive messages from the sensor, in practice expects a word with the contents of the register D0001, I tried to put quite random values, 0000, 00FF, FF00, FFFF but I have not come to understand if the register D0001 contains a particular system value or I am totally wrong to build the data transmission.


1) I can't put a mitsubishi plc as each machine has only one sensor, which would make the final cost high

2) The FAG technicians took for example an L02 plc

3) The FAG sensor speaks SLMP because the management part of the physical sensor has been developed by Mitsubishi and obviously making it speak even Modbus could seem difficult, I do not ask that it spoke directly with the Siemens PLC, but with very little effort and at no cost they could also do that ...

Thanks to those who can help me