MK6 library difference preventing Download

They have six GE FR6/MK6 units here at the site I am visiting. The base project had 4 units and there was a second phase that added a further two generating units. GE didn't keep it simple and just copy and paste but instead GT5 and GT6 were almost like a new base project and have slightly different m6b software.

The base units (GT1-4) have a Block Library TURBLIB version V01.19.00C and this is sourced from firmware folder V05.12.00C and (GT5-6) uses TURBLIB version VO.18.00C, sourced from folder V05.11.04C.

So surprisingly the older base units seem to have a more updated TURBLIB.

On GT5 a VCMI card was changed last year on R core and the story I have is that the memory was flashed and since then they can Validate and Build but when they try to Download the Select processors box does not appear to start download and instead a Toolbox error message comes up as follows.

"Unable to download application code due to differences between the download block libraries and those in the configuration"

LIBRARY SBLIB :Version V13.04.04C - Downloaded version V13.04.04C
LIBRARY TURBLIB :Version V01.18.00C - Downloaded version V01.19.00C

It seems as though the download sourced the wrong firmware folder in whatever was done previously

Before plunging ahead with anything that would make things harder to resolve would like to know if anyone has also had this error and problem before and how it was resolved

many thanks