Modbus 32 Bit Floating Point.


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I'm looking at a project where a series of sensors and metering devices are connected via an RS485 Modbus network to a GSM datalogger/transmitter. My problem is that a lot of the Modbus registers are 32 Bit floating point and the data logger will only read 32 bit signed/unsigned integers. Does anyone know of a hardware solution that will take floating point registers in but output them as signed/unsigned integers?
I haven't used it, but people tell me that Red Lion's Data Station Plus
can act as Modbus master and slave simultaneously.

I've been told that it can read floating point from a Modbus slave, reformat the data and then remap the floating point data as long integer data to slave registers which your Modbus master can read long integer data.

It is not a beginner's tool with a wizard; it would take the kind of skills that a systems integrator brings to a project.
If the datalogger is a PC running MS Windows OS, you can use our Modbus .NET driver to perform this task. I can send you an example with a sample how to do it. If logger is not a PC, then an external embedded PC may have to be employed & you can run this example on it. There is no charge for this. Will provide this to you as a service to our general control community. good Luck.

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