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Ing. Carlos Figarola

Hello, my name is Carlos Figarola, I'm trying to run Modsoft on and Win NT based PC and I have a system message "The comunication mode is not available" so I was looking your mails on internet so I want to ask you if you solve this problem, or what can I do to run Modsoft on this
computer, my version is 2.32 of Modsoft. I wil aprecciate if you know how to solve this problem

Thnak you!!

Carlos Figarola
Instrumentation department
Fibras Qu=EDmicas
Monterrey, Nuevo Le=F3n

Chad Markovich

There are a few things you need to do to get Modsoft running under Windows NT. First, you probably need to upgrade Modsoft to V2.51 or later. With versions earlier than V2.51, Modsoft does not respond well to fast CPU's (over 133 MHz, I think.) Second, Windows NT does not successfully support Modbus RTU. Try using communications such as Modbus ASCII or Modbus Plus.


Chad Markovich
Application Engineer
Northwest Controls

R A Peterson

I couldn't even get Modsoft to load on my Win NT system. Modicon tech support told me it "may not work on newer computers".

I suspect you will not be able to access the com port with a DOS program on any NT machine.

Timothy Schrauger

I have a similar problem, when trying to install my software on a machine running NT 4.0, the file TEXT2.SYS cannot be found. It is there. And the installation is terminated. My original version is 2.11 with updates up to 2.6.