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Shahab Ahmad

Dear All,

I am trying to establish communication with Monitor Pro 6.6 using DDE. I want to get tags from FactoryLink 6.6.0 in ICONICS OPC Server then use it in my HMI. I have done configurations as in guide "External Connectivity Guide" in system configuration and started the Server again. But In processes (task manager) I can't see the flddesrv running so unable to communicate over DDE. Further more, If try to launch it manually, it give me following prompt "The DDE Server couldn't register with FactoryLink"

I will highly appreciate if anyone can tell me the solution to it.

Thanks in advance.
Shahab Ahmad

For the OPC connection you should use the FL OPC server not the DDE.

The problems with the server registration can be caused by the 2012 year FL bug. Search the arch of for details.


Gustavo A. Valero P.


Although I have never seen the error message you indicate when you start DDE task, let me ask you a couple of questions to find out the source of problem:

1- Does you Monitor Pro license have the DDE Server task enable?. I don't remember well if in 6.6 this task was already part of base system or you had to buy it!

Anyway, any external connection vía DDE to read data of your MP app will use a CAL which, must be available.

2- How many configured tasks do you have in your app? As you should know, you can have 32 max. (both domains), if you have more that 32, try eliminating one that you don't use in order to put the info associated to FL DDE Server task there.

I hope it can help you!

Best regards.

Saludos desde Venezuela!
Gustavo A. Valero P.

Robert Dusza


Check your security settings on the OPC Server to make sure that you are able see the Software. OPCTI has some helpful hints on setting up your OPC Security for the Server and Client.



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