Off-grid system - Paralleling generators

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I have four 2340 kW generators to fulfill a 7100 kW average load in an off-grid system configuration. I am interested in paralleling the generators to meet this demand, while using a droop control methodology.

Question 1:

From a fuel consumption standpoint, would it be good to dispatch the generators at 7100/4 = 1775 kW each? (76% load factor)


Dispatch 3 of the generators at full power ( 2340 x 3 = 7020 kW) and dispatch the last generator at 80 kW?

It's important to note that the load demand will be varying slightly, and I will be using a droop control so that the power output from them will vary to meet the load.

Question 2:

Can I use the same droop setting on all the generators even if the dispatchable power output from the generators vary? (For example: 1775 kW for first three generators and 80 kW from last generator)?

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It's an age-old question, i.e., redundancy for Safety, Availability, or Efficiency!
1) Operating all four (N) at equal load, results in best availability.
2) Operating 3 with best eff'y, but 4th at small load decreases efficiency!
3) Then there is the question about load... how different are load swings!
I worked on a cruise ship and we used, N-1 "ON", each sharing load equally, and then changed the N-1 sequence during movement from port to port!
Regards, Phil Corso