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Ilker Yilmaz

Hi All,

I need to know if it is possible or not to download program from a C28H Plc to pc by using SYSwin program. Which adapter is needed. I already have the adapter to connect CQM series PLCs.


if the plc has a serial port, you may make your own serial cable and use it for download. Remember that Omron assign pin 9 to the GND wire, on PLC side. Pay attention to the CQM1 card, it may only be used for CQM1, C200HS and newer controllers, not for anything from C200H and below.
If the C28 does not have a serial port, it may have a slot for connecting an RS232 or 422 adapter, but those adapter are already out of production, and likely to be supplied only by Omron or its agents.
You need a 'CIF02 cable' adapter but if the C28H plc has a Rs232 port then you can handle only with a simple cable...
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