Report Generation in Automation Applications


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Vipul Shah

MIS Report Generation over HMI/SCADA Applications is a very important apsect of the whole project.
I am trying to look at it at a technical as well as cost perspective.

Following techniques are normally available:

1. Do report generation in the HMI itself. Most HMIs of today support atleast basic report generation capabilities. However, it gets more difficult for generation of complex reports like batch reports.

2. Use HMI Add ons.

3. Develop separate application using VB, VB.Net,C#, MSDE, MSAccess, Crystal Reports.

4. Use a Data Historian and separate Reporting Tool like Wonderware InSQL/Active Factory or XLReporter.

What way you generate your MIS Reports? Do you face any issues for report generation?

Vipul Shah
eGenietech Software Services