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I would like to retrive the details of the historical alarms using seperate application developed in VB. Now all the alarm histroy in RSView is stored in the dbase IV database format.

Can any one help me on how to access the details stored in the alarm log file using VB. I am confused on how to connect with my alarm log file (i.e. dbase IV database) using DAO or ADO?? Is it possible to log all the alarms in Microsoft Access database format directly instead of dbase IV format???
DBF format is more commonly used format and can be imported into any spreadsheet or database. If you want to access it through Visual Basic all you have to do is to connect to the dbf file with a connection string with the format which you are
familiar with. You can change the appropriate file based on a date entry field .

I find use of ADO very good and convenient. Let me know if you need further details

thanks for ur reply. but can u give me the sample code how i can connect the Dbase database using ADO??


Cristian Gliga

I believe RSView32 provides the user with an Alarm Object interface. If this is correct, you can use VBA to generate the report. Look through the VBA help and find out what exactly properties, methods and events are available.

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Well, I will explain how to go about with connection to dbf from VB. It will help you to understand easy interfaces the VB gives for you to get to the reports.

When you want to have a connection to a database. all you have to do is to add the "data" object on to your form (let us name this DataReport. This is similar to adding the command button, drop-down box etc. In order to connect to the database you have to then choose (it is a drop down list) on the property "connect" for the data object. the default is "Access". you can choose "dbase IV" for this application. Then for the database Name property you can go through the dialog box and select the correct database you want to access. If you want to have the RSView Report accessed through runtime, all you have to do change the the value of the property "database name" of the DataReport to the correct Report.

If you want to connect it using ADO, you have to include Micorsoft ADo Object 6.0 as a component. You will then get the ADODc in your objects menu. Put into your form and in the property of the ADOdc click on the "ConnectionString" property. have a look at it. You can build a connection to the dbase file using the wizard directly. it is very friendly and will be quite easy. If you run into trouble let me know..

Well, as for Cristian, the Data Logging Object Model is the most suited for extracting reports and not the Alarms. but the problem is that you need to have RSView On to get this Object Model information. With other accesses to the dbf files you can prepare reports totally seperate. You can also access from outside the dbf files by sharing the directory across network and thereby not loading the RSView.

The resource management of RSView is very poor and use of the reporting utility etc supplied by RSView or report writing in VBA severely hinders proper running of RSView.

I know this thread is very old, but when you search RSView and Report Generation, this is what comes up.

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