seeking free plc soft, not demo.

"": you will find the Horner OCS software, Cscape, there. It is full featured, not a demo version.

The OCS is awesome! They cover the range from simple micro style PLC's without operator interfaces" all the way to a PLC engine in a full color touchscreen. New products for it are being made all the time. You can even write special screens and use a palm pilot for program transfers or diagnostics. The network is faster than Device Net, but slower than profibus, You can even program over the Cscan network.

The thing that really brings it all together is the software. YThe look and feel of the software is standard Ladder Logic. The difference is that you can develop you screens in the same spot as your program. Not just in the same package (for example, MS office has word, excel, etc, to me that is having your HMI and PLC software in the same bundle. With OCS it is truly the same program. For example, excel and word are part of the same document and you switch between them as needed. Go download the software, and on your first rung of ladder put down a NO contact and then a NO coil. Label the coil with a "d" and you will get a screen to program.

If you have any questions about the OCS feel free to send me an email

[email protected]

MEDOC is free... I'd like to get a copy of their new windows-based software though. However, they're not giving it away.