Siemens KKS Tag for OFA


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I'm trying to classify a KKS-tag subsystem for over-fire air (OFA) equipment, but can't find anything specific in the standard Siemens set. I'm guessing it fits into an existing sub-system quite nicely, but I don't know enough about the mechanical process of OFA to figure it out. I normally just assign the cables!

I currently have my tags in the HJA section (Ignition burnes, since we are doing a burner upgrade alongside the addition of OFA ports), but I am in danger of conflicting with existing plant tags (the plant is in South America, and communication about a plant-wide set of tags has been difficult).

I originally had the points in HLA (Combustion air - ducting system), but this was rejected by the plant.

Another option that I had spotted was HJL (Ignition firing equip. - Combustion air supply system).

I would let the plant guide me on this, but communication happens through a third party, and for some reason takes so long that I probably don't have time for these tags to get rejected-without-recommendation twice. Thanks for any help.

I would not call this specific to Siemens. however, I believe the proper KKS code designation for OFA (Over fire Air) would be under the Process Air System designation 'NG" with "NGC" being the fan or forwarding system, "NGB" being the piping or ducting and "NGY" for Control and Protection.

Please verify before utilizing these Identifications

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