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George Bradley

I have a SLC 5/02 connected to a Panelview600
Because the 5/02 has only one port, I connect the SLC to a1761 - NET-AIC through the DH485 Connection. Then I connect the HMI to the NET-AIC with the serial port. I can then use the mini din connection on the NET-AIC to communicate with my laptop, and download programs to the SLC using a 1761-CBL and
the serial port on the laptop.

I recently purchased a SLC 5/03 for a different job. This has two ports. A DH485, and a serial port. Can I use the serial port on the SLC 5/03 to connect to the HMI, and then use the DH485 port to communicate with my laptop, and download
programs to the SLC?
What cable do I need to use?
Thank-you for responses.
George Bradley
It all depends on the HMI you are using, but here are a few ideas.

1. HMI connects to RS232 on 5/03 & you connect laptop to DH485 port on 5/03 using a PIC box. Problem with this solution is that the driver
for the PIC box doesn't work on a lot of modern laptops.

2. HMI connects to DH485 port on 5/03 & you connect laptop to the RS232 port on the 5/03. The default setting for this port is DF1, keep
this protocol and you will ensure compatibility with modern laptops. The cable you would need to connect between laptop and 5/03 is a 9pin
null modem type.

The problem with both these solutions is that you will have to connect direct to the HMI to program it which may mean disconnecting it from
the 5/03.

If you require more specific help e-mail me at [email protected]
That works fine, I hace the exact same setup on a machine where I work, TCP touchscreen on RS232 and the DH-485 is open for me.. I use a
Dell Inspirion 8000 and a PIC box. Running Windows 2000 Pro..On the same machine I am going to connect another touchscreen to the DH485
(5/02) and use a DCM for comm to the PLC5 VME.. :) Sounds like fun huh :)

Gerald Beaudoin

This is a widely used configuration and works pretty well. We have a similar situation here except that the DH485 links the PLC to a network. As to what'll need a look into the reference manuals or talk to your local tech support from AB.

Gerald Beaudoin

George Bradley

Thanks again.
I connected the SLC 5/03 Ch 0 to the laptop Com1 serial port, with a straight thru 9 pin to 9 pin cable.
I was able to communicate using the DF1 when I selected the auto-Configure.

Thanks for everyones Help!
I'll post when I get the HMI all working correctly.

George Bradley