Software to put program into Keyence PLC


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Does anybody know any Keyence software to just put PLC program into the Keyence PLC without all that Ladder Builder complicated user interface?

I remember there was a DOS program to put program into the Keyence PLC. Does somebody have information where to find it?

The reason for my question - it is not very easy to explain to people in our production department how to put COD file into Keyence PLC with the Ladder Builder.

Michael Sander

I have this MS-DOS program somewhere on hard drive. But nowdays it is useless. It doesn't work at all in Windows 2000 and XP.
I've found only one software to do it in Windows 2000-XP:

Another way is to write a small step by step instruction like:
1.Start Ladder Builder,
2.Select menu item File/Open, select your file, press OK
3.Select menu item Compile/Compile
4.Select menu item File/Monitor/Verify against PLC program

and so on.
Thank you all,

Finally I found what I need. I have ordered Backup Tool for Keyence PLC from


The restore function does exactly what I need - puts program from .COD file into PLC.