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I'm given a project to develop a real-time SPC application for my company, can anyone tell me where and how to start? Is there any ActiveX or other type of development tools can help me to develop this kind of software?

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As far as I know all major SCADA packages have SPC capability. For example InTouch has pretty nice SPC package, but I don't remember if they supply ActiveX controls.

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You can try Cimplicity software from GE-Fanuc which has an optional module for SPC. Cimplicity is an HMI with availability of drivers for almost all leading PLCs
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Visit www.nwasoft.com. Northwest Analytical makes a great offering of products for SPC/SQC. It doesn't provide the high-speed data acquisition but it can do whatever analysis that you require without extensive development. It plugs and plays with odbc so you can connect it to most data stored in a database.
WonderWare Intouch is a good answer however WonderWare INSQL is even better. This is a wonderful interface into many PLC's as well as many third party Software including Northwest quality. See WWW.IssWonderWare.com