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I have a Symax processor and I am trying to communicate to it through a laptop. I have purchased a special cable that converts the 232 signal from the laptop to a 422 signal for the PLC.

I need to know if the software that I have which is called dlog.exe. Is there another set of software that I can obtain. I am having a troublesome time just trying to talk to it through dlog.exe. Also maybe a step by step way on how to connect easier or things that I should look for that I have over looked or that I am not looking at.


Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.

A couple of things you might consider:

1. Since you are using a laptop, you may want to be sure that you are using an externally powered converter. Passive converters which draw power from the serial port can often fail to draw enough power for the converter resulting in erratic or failed communication.

2. The "dlog.exe" software sounds suspiciously like the executable for programming the Square D Data Logging module which fits in a SY/MAX rack. If so, this will not talk to or program your Model 300 processor.

3. FasTrak does sell and support software which programs the SY/MAX family of processors including your Model 300 (PLC WorkShop for Square D SY/MAX family). You can download a demo from

I would be happy to help you offline with your communications problem if you want to call me at 1-414-358-8088.

Thanks. Joe

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Robert Willis

Since you have the dlog.exe program it appears that you have a copy of SY/MATE Plus and the executable file should be SQD.EXE

Also as noted in a previous message check the RS232 / 422 converter to make sure that it is properly powered.

If you have any questions please give me a call in Houston, Texas.

Robert Willis
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