Telemechanique Altivar5 ATV15075M0


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Dave Bullock MBE


I have a single to 3 phase inverter on my bandsaw that has failed.

At switch on the LED is permanently lit but as soon as I turn the speed potentiometer the LED flashes 3 times (once)and then bursts of 4 flashes.

The handbook says 'overload' for 3 flashes and output short circuit for 4 flashes.

Can anyone supply me with a circuit diagram (schematic) please so I can fix it.


Bob Peterson

Have you considered the possibility that you actually have an output short circuit? have you done basic troubleshooting on the thing? I would try disconnecting the motor at the invertor and seeing if the same thing happens. That would tell you if the problem was in the invertor or not.

If you can't get the circuit diagram from the manufacturer, it probably is just not available. Most schematics for these kind of things are not available to the general public. In any case, many of the parts used are not available either.
Dave - this actually sounds more likely to be an issue with the bandsaw
than the Altivar unit.

If you have enough experience to do so, try disconnecting the cabling
between the Altivar and the bandsaw and try again.

If this clears the short circuit error then you can be fairly confident
there is no issue with the Altivar and it is likely to be either damage to the cabling between the two, or a fault in the bandsaw.