Telemechanique TSX47 PLC with SCM2213 LINK WITH TOUCH SCREEN


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Chin Boon Poh

Hi, All,
Did anyone out there know how to wired the serial communication from Telemechanique PLC , TSX47 with SCM2213 com. card ( Channel 1 with D-sub type 25P ) ?
I would like replaced existing Touch Screen to either from EXOR electronic R & D, or ESA of Italy.
And what type of protocol to used for point to point connection ?
The existing link cable is wired ( at SCM2213 )as below,
Pin 12 short to Pin 19
Pin 15, 18, 21 & 23 is wired.
All others pins are not used/wired.
Can anyone provide more information about pin configurations for SCM2213
commmunication card.

Thanks & best regards.

Chin BP
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