TSX 17-20 PLC and software manuals

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Eng. Anan H. Hemary

Dear Sir
I have one telemecanique plc TSX 1720 4012.
I need to know what is the software I have to
use for this plc and also I need the *.pdf manuals
for the PLC and software.

the software and manual is available from your local square-d rep
software # TSXLPL722V5E
install manual# TSXD11000E

Meeuwis Bouw

If there is NO memory expansion module plugged in, you need the older version TSX L PL7 1 V5 DOS.
It will program in ladder only.
Meeuwis Bouw,
Superfos Packaging

Eng. Anan H. Hemary

Dear Sir
There is memory card plugged in.
Please tell me where can I find these manuals for the PLC TSX 172 4012 and software.

That PLC is obsolete, and I don't believe we (as a Modicon Telemecanique distributor) can even buy the manuals anymore. The software was DOS-based,
called PL7-1 or PL7-2 depending on the EEPROM module installed on the PLC. It's not for sale anymore. Your local Modicon Telemecanique field office can get you converted to a TSX37 (Micro) or TSX57 (Premium) fairly easily.

Dear Sir

i have the some problem if you got the software plese email me this
sincerely your
tzvi yeshurun

Darko Zekovic

The site where from you can download
software is www.modicon.com but really good site is enterprise.modicon.com where you have to register.

I had same problem and I solved it recently. In fact there are three problems.
First is a cable. You have to use correct cable TSX17ACC8. I have tried to use other cable with RS232-RS485 convertor but it didn't work.
Second is PL7 software. You should install it in a DOS mode. You'll find that it makes a mess with
autoexec.bat and config.sys. Be carefull!
Third is the cartridge on the left of the PLC. If you have it and it is with correct version of software, you should use PL7-2 software and work in ladder diagrams. But if not, you have to work with PL7-1. Of course, if you want work with PL7-1, you must pull out left cartidge.

PL7 software is still available, I bought it one month ago, but this version is with software dongle. If you want to purchase it, you have to purchase and key holder (on parallel port) for dongle. You will also get the lot of manuals.

Darko Zekovic
UMBRA Software