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Dear valued,

We have a leak in LS-185D valve manufactured by Orbit CAMERON company. The valve has two solenoids, one for opening and the other for closing the valve. The logic for opening and closing the valve is just to trigger (energize then de-energize the solenoid). Can we prevent the leak by holding the closing solenoid in the energized status?


Bob Peterson

If the valve is leaking because it's incompletely shut, leaving the closed solenoid valve on for a second or two after it sees the close limit switch might do the trick. If it's just leaking because it's got a bad seal or something, it's not going to do any good to leave the closed solenoid on.
It is already in the logic waiting for the limit switch signal to de-energize the solenoid. We do not know what is the main cause of the leak. Besides, is there a chance that the solenoid will go faulty since it is not designed to stay energized for long time?
You can check out the Output Diagnostic Module from Pretech Solutions Inc. to monitor the output loop and the coil for the following conditions: De-energized solenoid (Normal), Energized (Active), Open in the field wiring or coil (Open), Short in the field wiring or coil (Short), and lose of available power to energize the solenoid (power).

The module still operates in loss of monitoring power and will alert the operator through the use of contacts for any fault condition (open, short, power) and trip contact (solenoid is energized). This allows the operator to know at all times the condition of the cold coil loop.

They also provide Input Diagnostic Module (IDM) that monitors inputs for switch position Normal or Tripped, open, short or ground conditions.