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Hi there,

I'm generating a windows-based programming using visual C++ to apply the calculations of Finite Element Method of the Numerical Methods(2 Dimension).
In my windows-base, I will promt the user to input certain limits/requirement that they want to calculate. Then i will link to Matlab to calculate their required measurements. Output will be presented as in windows-base again. I've generated some formulas & calculations using matlab. Anyone can tell me how to interface them together so that it's more user friendly and interactive?

Tony G Smith

Matlab has facilities for generating graphical user interfaces that may be
easier than hooking these together (although I'm sure it's possible to do what
you've asked).

Look at the Matlab "guide" program. If you just need user input of some numbers, and you need the graphical interface (as opposed to using the "input" function in a Matlab window), you may try "inputdlg".

You can get help on any of these from the Matlab interface by typing "help inputdlg", for instance. For help on all of the available user interface facilities, type "help uitools".

Tony Smith

Mick Nilsson

You can use DDE to pass information to and from MATLAB to Visual Basic fairly easily. If you are using C++ just for the user interface then
Visual Basic is far easier and quicker than Visual C++.
I could dig out some code if you like.

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Amira Bessem

You can use an instance of an Object in Visual Basic it's more easier then to do it by Visual C++
exemple Code:
Dim MatLab As Object
Dim Result As String
MatLab= ???('Matlab.Application')

for more info see Matlab Help Matlab Server Automation

I am currently writing a Visual C++ programm that is supposed to call MATLAB and Simulink. I have been browsing the web for any help but couldn't find a thing except your question you posed here last November. Have you found out by now how to start Matlab via ActiveX/DDE or are you doing it with Visual Basic? Can anyone else help?

Thanks for any help,

hi there,
I have the same problem that includes intefacing Matlab and VC++.
I have been through various sites and some says that there is some Visual Matlab Add in Visual Studio that automates the process.
If you have got some answer please tell me because I am in a very urjent need for the same.
my email [email protected]
thanks for being patient sorry I could not help you.
Bye take care